360buy, China’s Largest Online Retailer, Launches International Shopping Site

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People shopping online are more educated and more affluent, so it makes sales more efficient,” he added. Fan has been assisting cold water shrimp and lobster importers get their products onto websites like Jindong as well as setting up shops on Taobao and Tmall, platforms popular with multiple independent retailers who set up online stores on the portals. All the big name brands are charging in to open their own stores and cash in on the boom, so Beijingers now have almost as good a choice of international luxury items as their New York or London counterparts. Beijing Shopping – Markets and Department Stores

Rumors of a potential Alibaba IPO have been swirling for a few years, but until a firm decision has been made as to when to take the company public, investors looking for exposure in this market will want to take a close look at these two up-and-comers. Vipshop Holdings ( VIPS ) is a marketplace that has rights to sell hundreds of licensed brands to consumers at discounted prices, including Adidas and North Face. Vipshop specializes in offering daily and weekly flash sales of specific products, product categories, and brand names, which keeps its customers coming back on a regular basis.

Retailers may also want to think about how to start engaging Chinese audiences online , not just in terms of where to engage them, but how to engage them in the context of a wider brand and social media strategy And as China is accountable for a large share of share of mobile social media revenue at the moment, it seems that China could lead to some interesting new online revenue streams in terms of both e-commerce and social commerce, as well as mobile shopping. During the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday, November 11, a single e-commerce company in China called Alibaba processed more than $5.75 billion in sales.

China’s enthusiasm for online shopping is expected to continue to grow faster than that of the United States. Bain, a global consulting firm, expects online shopping in China to grow at an annual rate of 32 percent from this year through 2015. That is slower than the fevered pace of 71 percent recorded from 2009 through 2012. But it is still well above the 13 percent average rate expected for 2009 through 2015 in the United States. In 2015, the firm forecasts e-commerce in China will total $500 billion. BEIJING — Apple and China Mobile announced a long-anticipated agreement Monday to bring the iPhone to the world’s biggest phone company.

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That’s because apps are more streamlined than websites, which can be clunky and hard to navigate on smaller screens on smartphones and tables. Also most apps store shoppers’ information so customers don’t have to type in a lot of information each time they buy. According to comScore data, Amazon and eBay are the only major retailers that have visitors spend more time on their app rather than their web site – by a wide margin. Meanwhile, only about 2 percent of time spent on Macy’s and Sears online presence is via an app, according to the data.

It’s a Chinese take on Valentine’s Day, but instead of celebrating lovebird status, 11-11 is all about treating yourself. And over the years, the holiday has become China’s biggest online shopping day of the year, where sales go for 24 hours and break all kinds of records. What better way to say “I love you” to yourself than online goodies? Gap participated through our store on Tmall, part of Alibaba Group, which is affiliated with Taobao — the online marketplace in China (imagine if Amazon and eBay had a love child). We offered great discounts, free shipping and coupons for in-store deals.

Generally, the Chinese online shops that use such a program are international retailers or wholesalers targeting small and medium-sized merchants. They sign contracts with the warehouses positioning in the overseas land and use the most cost-effective shipping method – ocean shipping to send a ton of different items to the warehouses first. After the goods are stocked there, the stores start to list them online for sale. Once you order an item that is available at the local warehouse, their partners will manage the delivery within one business day and you will get it in a few days only.

Products made in China are well known for its low price and acceptable quality, and online shopping is growing fast in China, more and more people enjoys the low price and fast delivery offered by the online shopping stores. Here is a list of top 10 China online shopping websites based on popularity. All of these online business are in English language, while some of them offering more language options. Chinavasion is a global China wholesale and China dropshipping company located in Shenzhen, China right across the China-Hong Kong border. Established in 2006, Chinavasion was the first company ever to offer electronics drop shipping direct from China.

Yesterday was the Chinese “singles day”, each big business enterprise with a variety of promotions and discounts, making it the world’s largest online shopping festival. At one four in the afternoon, China’s largest e-commerce company Alibaba (Alibaba) to reach sales of 19100000000 yuan ($3100000000), equivalent to it in the last year “single day” the day of sales, and almost two times that of the United States of America “online shopping on Monday after Thanksgiving last year” (Cyber Monday) sales. According to Alibaba’s Twitter post, Mr Ma said yesterday, eleven is not about numbers, it’s about to create a more healthy environment for consumption.

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The place to look for console gaming is the gray market , China’s own wonderful market of imported goods. Think of these markets like flea markets in the US. Unlike, say, import shops in the States, the Chinese gray market takes both plastic and cash. The best mentality to adopt when heading to a gray market is to think of it like going into an indoor flea market. You need to go in with a plan. The following is a series of tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your purchasing experience at some of China’s gray markets.

According to CLSA’s recent report on China’s e-commerce market, B2C shopping in China will shortly surpass the USA Within a space of just three years, the total value of B2C online sales in China has leapt from US$ 3 billion to US$ 64 million with more than 89% year on year sales growth. Just how much of a rival is Tenpay to Alipay? And where does PayPal fit into the Chinese market? Lets start by looking at PayPal and what they offer. Just why has the company struggled to gain a foothold in China?

Everything you see on Chinavasion.com is made in China and now you can buy these cheap products at a wholesale price, right here in our China electronic online shop. You can shop direct for online wholesale products from China. Buying online wholesale electronic products from the Chinese wholesale market has never been so easy. All our China wholesale electronics are brand new, top quality electronics from top Chinese manufacturers. This means absolutely no closeouts, used electronics, or counterfeits. We are the one and only China gadget supplier capable of delivering Western quality standards against cheap China wholesale prices.

In a report on fashion and China , BCG describes China’s consumer markets in the ’80s as “unsophisticated, yet eager,” one “hungry for highly recognizable brands.” Sportswear brands did particularly well because they complimented “the low-key wardrobe needs of consumers at a time when there were very few occasions that required more fashionable apparel.” By 2008, between 20% and 25% of the average Chinese consumer’s wardrobe was composed of sportswear by dollar amount. What do you think of our picks for the best online thrift stores? Do you have a better recommendation for the best place to score some new secondhand swag? Let us know in the comments below.

Chinese are also doing more shopping on mobile devices, which is not surprising given the rapid sales of smartphones and tablets. In the first hour of sales, from midnight to 1 a.m. Monday, Alibaba said 24 percent of the orders came in via smartphone. In preparation for Singles’ Day, Alibaba added extra servers and enhanced logistics to deal with the expected surge in demand. E-commerce shopping companies like Alibaba built anticipation for 11/11 by letting consumers put items into online shopping carts before the sales actually began. Tmall said five million customers had already selected more than 40 items each by Sunday evening.

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In the beginning, the internet gave us music, and music stores closed. Then it gave us news, and newspapers closed. Next came books, and yep, bookstores closed, too. One could readily imagine a future in which brick-and-mortar retail of all kinds would soon follow. According to Inside Retail Asia , the first “Unlimited Yihaodian” outlets will open in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Customers can browse the aisles, scan codes, and have groceries delivered directly to their homes. There are no bags to carry and no check-out lines, and Yihaodian will be able to offer half-day delivery in China’s biggest cities.

We are fans jerseys cancelling the my cincinnati new jerseys faves plan because we dont kids cheap jerseys make calls that often, were both big texters and its sports jerseys china authentic basically only cheap jerseys a waste of 20 bucks a month. $5101.70 from Shanghai to Sao Paolo, sports jerseys wholesale china $1930.59 in the other direction. If you want to purchase big lots, you may jerseys personalized get a lowest jerseys good offer. If the success of Singles Day is anything to go by, it may not take too long before Christmas as a shopping season becomes a more entrenched trend.

Microsoft launched a Tmall flagship in March and is taking part in Double 11 for the first time, though it hasn’t revealed its offers yet. Brandon Yoon, senior director for Microsoft online stores in greater China, said he’s curious to see how it plays out, especially since consumer electronics aren’t typically a big seller on November 11. What a lot of people don’t know is that the categories are really focused more on apparel and to some extent lifestyle products,” Mr. Yoon said. Consumer electronics, however, is growing. He said he’s seeing retailers shift away from just price-slashing on the date and instead offering unique 11/11 bundles or gifts.

In 2010, the United Kingdom had the biggest e-commerce market in the world when measured by the amount spent per capita. 36 The Czech Republic is the European country where ecommerce delivers the biggest contribution to the enterprises´ total revenue. Almost a quarter (24%) of the country’s total turnover is generated via the online channel. 37 This section does not cite any references or sources Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (June 2013) More than 200 journalists waited for data at the offices of Taobao.com, a huge shopping site, Business Insider reported, based on a dispatch by Xinhua.

Total online sales by all retailers for the day last year aren’t clear, but Alibaba marketplaces Tmall and Taobao are considered by far the biggest players on 11/11. Inside Tmall, which operates like a virtual mall, shops from the Gap to Adidas to Toys “R” Us are trumpeting discounts, coupons and free gifts for 11/11. Clarins, the French luxury skin-care brand, joined Tmall in September. Leading up to Nov. 11, it has encouraged fans on the Weibo microblogging platform to share photos of their Clarins products for a chance to win freebies; on Nov. 11 it will match shoppers’ purchase amount with the same amount in gifts.

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The holiday hasn’t always been about shopping. Five years ago, only about two dozen companies were offering discounts on Singles’ Day, also known as “Double 11.” About 20,000 brands will be offering deep discounts on Singles’ Day this year, according to Huang. American retailers planning to participate include Microsoft, Gap, and Toys R Us. No one else is thought to have been hurt during the incident, though we’re quite sure this was one shopping trip few of those present will ever be able to forget. If You Interest To Buy Cheapest Half-size Tatami Mat (China) Lowest Price In Store Goldbox Half-size Tatami Mat (China) and Free Shipping Over 25$

Figures released by Alibaba, a large Chinese e-commerce retailer, say the most popular product was the Xiaomi brand of mobile phone, with over 550m yuan worth whisked off the virtual shelves. Underwear is always another popular choice, and this year 1.6 million bras sold before noon When the tills closed, the estimated value of the day’s retail therapy totalled 35 billion yuan. You’re probably wondering why he didn’t just turn around and walk away from the situation, his girlfriend and the mall in general, but Hsiao clearly snapped in a way that we can’t even imagine. Let us know what you make of this terrible turn of events below.

As a commerce generator, Singles Day is unparalleled and it’s no surprise western brands want a piece of the action. In addition to foreign products from diapers to luxury watches being popular discounted 11/11 purchased, brands with their own Taobao stores like Gap, Microsoft and Adidas have all gotten in on what has become the world’s leading online shopping event. In fact, the raw, ever increasing numbers have given the holiday a bit of a spectator sport feel. Chinese media reports breathlessly on the new apexes reached and how these dizzying new record sales impact stock prices and the futures of commerce platforms in the cutthroat China online marketplace.

Singles Day has turn an epic e-commerce eventuality in China and is a far bigger income transport for Internet players than Cyber Monday in a U.S. Alibaba Group Holding, China’s largest e-commerce company, pennyless a one-day sales record by some-more than 80 percent on this year’s Singles Day, a miracle that comes forward of an initial open charity approaching someday in 2014 that could be valued aloft than Facebook ( FB ) Alibaba hasn’t nonetheless announced a calendar for a offering. And in-store sales will likely pick up this weekend as last-minute shoppers flock to stores, now that more and more websites can’t guarantee Christmas delivery.

As Chinese shoppers are somewhat reticent to trust sellers or advertising messages they turn to online customer reviews to form their opinions and according to BCG , over 40% of Chinese online shoppers read and post product reviews online. This is twice as likely as American online shoppers and four times as likely as Indians. Aside from considering the value of an e-commerce presence in Chinese, brands would do well to secure their presence on sites like Sina Weibo – a Chinese social networking site with over 200 million registered users – or other Chinese social networking sites like Tencent WeiBo or Ren Ren

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Despite being one of the most popular, eBay is also the one most associated with scam and fraud. The site facilities and sets up purchases rather than selling direct, meaning users are not buying directly from a respectable online outlet like Modcloth or the Goodwill. It’s still one of the most recognizable and capable online thrift stores out there though, offering anything you might desire at varying bid prices and the instant “buy it now” price for those who don’t want to wait. Imports usually taste better than the local, farmed crabs and the price is better but not everyone in China knows this, so marketing is essential,” said Fan.

China’s e-commerce market has grown at an average rate of 71 percent from 2009 to 2012, versus 13 percent in the United States, and its total size is expected to reach 3.3 trillion yuan ($539.07 billion) by 2015, Bain said in a report released on Wednesday. It’s a massive change. It just means you need to be on the web, whether you like it or not,” said Serge Hoffmann, a partner at Bain and co-author of the report. Suning Commerce Group’s e-commerce business rose to 10.6 billion yuan in the first half of 2013, an increase of 101 percent on the same period last year.

If exporters of U.K. and Irish crab for instance were willing to invest in marketing and an online sales presence they would be successful in China,” said Fan, pointing to the marketing-driven success of Norwegian salmon sales (currently in a rut due to China’s offense at a the 2011 Nobel peace prize). “Exporters can now take a shorter route to success by bypassing the traditional stores.” In China this Monday has been dubbed the 11.11 Shopping Festival, and is expected to hit new records for internet purchases. Online retailers offer huge discounts on all sorts of goods, driving sales well above the record seen in the US on Cyber Monday.

These gorgeous and attractive long dresses are available in different sizes suiting the customers’ needs. According to the website, the company is a good place to grab amazing dresses of one’s choice with a limited budget. Every dress inherits a delicate designing thereby fulfilling the requirements of every customer. The company offers attractive and stylish Prom Dresses under 100 These dresses can be obtained in almost every color like red, beige, pink, white, black, mauve, orange etc as well as in different sizes. He actually landed on one of the stalls below and then fell to the floor so although the store was damaged it meant he didn’t hit anybody.

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China’s e-tailing fest exploded out of nowhere. Alibaba, which is preparing for a much-awaited IPO, launched the holiday just five years ago with 27 brands. This year more than 20,000 brands are in the game, including many Western companies competing for the attention of China’s booming middle class. In a country where only 44% of the population is online, the holiday has room to grow. This time, many brands are experimenting with online to offline e-commerce – shoppers can go to stores to check out merchandise in person, then scan a QR code with their cellphones to drop the item into their virtual shopping basket.

Tmall.com accounted for 45.1 percent of business-to-consumer online sales in China in the three months ending in September, according to Analysys International, a research firm in Beijing. 360buy was in second place with 17.4 percent. Boston Consulting Group said more products were sold through Taobao in 2010—about 48,000 per minute—than at China’s top five bricks-and-mortar retailers combined. Forecasts of possible increased iPhone sales under a deal with China Mobile vary widely, from 10 million to 40 million. A key issue is whether it leads to additional sales or only prompts existing users to switch to China Mobile.

In recent years, more and more online wholesalers or retailers based in China rent overseas warehouses by cooperating with local partners who help them manage the warehousing and shipping. This is definitely a win-win solution to suppliers and buyers. You only need to cover the domestic shipping fee or in most cases, you don’t have to pay any shipping fee as free shipping is offered! For merchants who purchase items for re-sell business, you can be confident in the popularity of the products. As I mentioned above, suppliers only send best-selling products to the overseas warehouses.

Online retailers had a range of discounts Monday, with the Chinese version of Amazon offering reductions of as much as 90 percent. An LG 47-inch, 3-D television was going for 5,999 renminbi, billed as a reduction of 37 percent. For Alibaba, which has been preparing for an initial public offering, a major benefit of Singles’ Day is promotional, a spokesman, Yan Qiao, said. The biggest value it gives us is that the festival always can create the new record of one-day gross merchandise value on Tmall.com,” he said. That means two things — first, that young, single Chinese people will love themselves by spending tons of money on online shopping.

With the improvements in income and living standards, Chinese online shoppers emphasize the quality of goods more than before. Compared with C2C, B2C offers better credibility and quality assurance for online shoppers. In the future, the Chinese B2C market size will see a higher growth rate than C2C online shopping market, accounting for more shares in the online shopping market. ChinaMarketResearchReports.com ( ) is an online database of market research reports offers in-depth analysis of over 5000 market segments. The library has syndicated reports by leading market research publishers across the globe and also offer customized market research reports for multiple industries.

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The growing interest in online shopping is evident this season. Sales were up 2 percent to $176.7 billion from Nov. 1 through last Sunday compared with the same period last year, according to ShopperTrak, a Chicago store data tracker. Meanwhile, online spending from home and work desktop computers was up 9 percent during the same period to $37.8 billion, according to research firm comScore. But inventory isn’t the only problem that continues to plague online shopping. Retailers have come a long way toward fixing some of the problems that caused their sites to crash and freeze up in the early days of online shopping.

Grocery stores want to reach time-starved commuters, but they also seem to be capitalizing on consumers’ desire to browse. It’s one of the reasons why many people at least claim to still prefer physical bookstores, even as the monstrous success of websites like Amazon seem to negate that notion. ONE is the loneliest number, and 11/11 the loneliest date. November 11th was Singles’ Day in China, known as “Double Eleven” or “Bare Branches” day—a Chinese term for bachelors. In a country where males outnumber females by 34m and often struggle to achieve the kind of income deemed necessary to attract a partner, those single souls have plenty of company.

Economists have theorized that e-commerce ought to lead to intensified price competition , as it increases consumers’ ability to gather information about products and prices. Research by four economists at the University of Chicago has found that the growth of online shopping has also affected industry structure in two areas that have seen significant growth in e-commerce, bookshops and travel agencies Generally, larger firms are able to use economies of scale and offer lower prices. The lone exception to this pattern has been the very smallest category of bookseller, shops with between one and four employees, which appear to have withstood the trend. 44 Distribution channels edit

However, even with the hype over Alibaba’s amazing sales figures — it can’t be forgotten that the company still faces tough competition from other e-commerce platforms, one of them being Jingdong Gloria Li, Jingdong’s senior VP of Public Relations, says that Jingdong differentiates itself via its supply chain, which it controls. For example, Jingdong delivers same day in 30 cities and next day in more than 150 cities across China by leveraging our self-operated delivery platform. These are key differentiators that a pure sales platform that doesn’t control its merchandise or delivery services cannot offer.

MadeInChina.com was created to be the gateway for Chinese products, since its debut in Aug 2007, MadeInChina.com has committed itself to providing comprehensive promotion services to China’s foreign trade enterprises and to serving as a bridge between “China Suppliers” and international purchasers. Its services, including international shows, professional journals, internet platforms and other value-added services are utilized by 5 million “China Suppliers” from over 64 industries. DHgate.com is the world’s leading B2B online trading marketplace for China wholesale products, serving the world’s small and medium sized businesses since 2004. They are backed by investors KPCB, JAFCO and Warburg Pincus helping us make online trade simple.

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The screen has shifted, the volume does not work,” says Shenita Smith. Just weeks after she bought an unlocked cell phone online for $60. She says it is already falling apart. The lens fell out of the camera and the phone does not work anymore,” says Smith. It is not the only surprise Smith found with her new phone. “The phone is in American and Chinese. I’m not Chinese. That means I can send you a text message in American and it will come to your phone in Chinese,” says Smith.

It’s a Chinese take on Valentine’s Day, but instead of celebrating lovebird status, 11-11 is all about treating yourself. And over the years, the holiday has become China’s biggest online shopping day of the year, where sales go for 24 hours and break all kinds of records. What better way to say “I love you” to yourself than online goodies? Gap participated through our store on Tmall, part of Alibaba Group, which is affiliated with Taobao — the online marketplace in China (imagine if Amazon and eBay had a love child). We offered great discounts, free shipping and coupons for in-store deals.

CUPERTINO, California—October 26, 2010—Apple® today introduced the Apple Store® in China ( apple.com.cn ), the easiest way to shop online for Apple products including the revolutionary iPhone® 4 and the magical iPad. Apple’s online store in China features free shipping, free personalized engraving on any iPod® or iPad, and the ability to custom configure any Mac® with just a few clicks. The online Apple Store also offers a wide selection of third-party products and is the only place online to buy the iPod nano® (PRODUCT) RED. But that alone won’t save what is turning out to be a ho-hum Christmas for department stores and clothing chains.

Please keep in mind that we’re talking about buying legitimate games in China. These are games in a legal gray area as they’re often not approved for sale in China, but they are legitimate copies. We are not talking about bootlegs, knock-offs or rips. Before leaving for the gray market, you should do some research. Research is golden; it can help save you money and time. Websites such as Taobao.com are true goldmines; you can sometimes buy the games and hardware your looking for directly from them. The only caveat is that you can’t be 100% sure what you’re getting is legit.

Pearls are extremely cheap in Beijing, and although they may not be the best quality, there’s not many people that can tell the difference. Other jewellery is also very reasonably priced, but go shopping for something you want to wear, not an heirloom to pass on to the grandkids. Beijing Shopping – Buying Clothes If you don’t mind the fact that they’re fake, Beijing is also a great place to stock up on your CD and DVD collection. Fakes are becoming rarer, but the industry is well entrenched in China and the government has not yet succeeded in stamping it out completely. Beijing Shopping – Arts and Craft

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Even though credit card use is on the rise in China most Chinese people are big savers and prefer not to use credit It’s partly a cultural phenomenon where spending money you don’t have is anathema compared to saving and buying something when you can afford it. It’s the opposite of recent Western trends in shopping if you like. Whether it works remains to be seen as Tencent wields the power in terms of social media. Users are engaged with WeChat and QQ and getting them to move to new platforms just because they cannot access Taobao and Tmall through these apps seems a little far fetched.

In fact Alipay is starting to move into the US market for this very reason. The company wants to make the service a viable way for customers to pay for products at checkout. But the reason for this expansion into foreign markets is not just about competing with PayPal. Alipay has a competitor at home who already has a presence in many foreign countries due to its strong social media showing. Companies that are rushing to cash in on the holiday range from Alibaba Group, operator of China’s biggest e-commerce platforms, to rival platforms such as 360buy Ltd., mom-and-pop companies that sell online and delivery services.

Tencent Holding is the company behind the social media apps WeChat and QQ. If we are making comparisons, WeChat is a Chinese version of Facebook (which as we all know is blocked in China circumvented of course by using a VPN) for your mobile phone. There is an English language version which works anywhere in the world. The strength for Tenpay is the mobile gaming market. Tenpay is mostly used to buy games on social media platforms or to add money to gaming accounts. At this moment in time Tencent don’t pose a big threat to Alibaba.

I have friends in America who discovered the app while living in China and have moved back home, but we still keep in contact via the app. We can both see each other’s pictures added to our news feeds and send instant messages as well as group chat. I even used the app while I was in England to keep up to date with friends in China and friends in Hong Kong also use it. I would say that Alibaba’s real motive in its move into social media is fitting into the tablet/mobile arena. Mobile is the future and a presence in that space is essential.

Tencent have moved into online payment services with the launch of their Tenpay service in 2013, a direct rival to Alipay which the company says has 550 million users compared to Tenpay’s 200 million plus. The fear for Alibaba is that because of QQ’s wide reach in China and WeChat’s presence abroad, users will use Tenpay as they have access to it. It has sparked a fierce battle amongst the two Internet giants in China Do you agree with me? Do you use PayPal and if so what for? Please leave some comments or ask me any questions that you may have.